Bandwagon Group

Harness - Nurture - Evolve

The Bandwagon Group is a team of professionals devoted to harnessing your talents and nurturing them into realised growth. We pride ourselves in providing you with a stable platform that will allow you to grow and evolve your abilities into a valued asset.



Established in 1992 in Miami Beach as an independent theatre production company, the Bandwagon Group has expanded into a fully integrated production and talent management business creating content for some of the most exciting brands and agencies in the world.

The Bandwagon Group now incorporates a Record Label, Talent Management, Theatre Production, Film & TV Production and a Digital Media & Marketing company.

 Whether you're an actor, model, singer, band or athlete, we have you covered.


Bandwagon Talent Management

Artist Development and Representation Services including booking agents and brand developers.

Junction 37 Records

Music Production and Publishing Services including recording facilities, live event and tour management.

Junction 37 Productions

Theatre and Drama Production that encompasses a complete development process from screenwriting to live performance.

Exhibit A Films

Film and TV production that provides a fully integrated service from script to screen.

Krusade Media

A full social media and digital marketing suite that delivers initial platform setup, content creation, media strategy & management.


We have everything you would need to build your portfolio, develop your skills and promote them globally.